Intriguing Concepts provides a variety of options for high-quality prototyping services. Whether your project requires your prototype parts and processing to mimic your production intent or short run for design of experiments to fit and function. We offer a variety of options from inserted or freestanding aluminum to tool steel in MUD inserts.

Intriguing Concepts prototyping provides cost effective solutions that allow you to evaluate, test, and verify your product. The quality of our tooling is such that in many cases it can be used for your low volume production needs.

With proper planning, our high-quality prototype tooling can function as an excellent cost-effective bridge tool, allowing you the proper time to construct and launch your production tooling.

Intriguing Concepts has been providing high-quality production and prototype tooling for over 35 years.

‘High-Quality’ Prototype Tooling

Intriguing Concepts high-quality prototype tooling can be utilized for tight-tolerance, complex parts and assemblies. Intriguing Concepts prototype process will not require you to modify your design intent nor limit your material selection in doing so we replicate your intended saleable product.

Where possible, we will utilize an option of using cavity and core inserts with an industry standard modular mold base system called a ‘Master Unit Die (MUD)’ unit. This option will further reduce your investment costs and reduce construction lead-times with no compromise on part quality. Since there is no proprietary nature to this option, you own and have the ability to transfer the tooling whenever and wherever your project dictates.

…Quickly and affordably incorporate required engineering changes if necessary.

‘High-Quality’ Prototype Injection Molding

Intriguing Concepts provides flexible scheduling allowing for quick access to molding machines and skilled technicians. Our team will create a high-quality part and can provide optimized processing data.   Intriguing Concepts prototype manufacturing systems are designed for quick spot buys, resin trials, conducting design of experiments, and collaborating with customers and supply partners.

‘High-Quality’ Prototype Value-Added Services

  • Product assembly
  • Product packaging
  • Post-mold inserts
  • Part Decoration