Low to Mid Volume Production

Your low to mid volume production projects are Intriguing Concepts focus!

Intriguing Concepts also provides a variety of options for high-quality production services. In fact, Intriguing Concepts is one of the few injection molders whose primary focus is on low and medium volume injection molding. With offerings of high-quality tool steel production molds, standalone aluminum molds, or take advantage of a full range of Standard “MUD” frames which allows for competitive tooling costs with aggressive lead times. High-quality low cavitation production tooling allows you to get to your consumer with cost effective, aggressive timing, with a high-quality product. We will be your plastic partner in “molding your future”!

From single to multiple-cavity tooling, combined with automation, Intriguing Concepts excels at providing a high-quality product at a competitive cost for all your part volumes.

With systems, equipment, and processes to ensure production repeatability, Intriguing Concepts is considered by many to be a premier low-to-mid volume production molder.

  • Quality management systems
  • One to multi cavity production tooling
  • Transfer programs for production
  • Automation (as needed)
  • Controlled environment molding and assembly