Plastic Injection Molding

Utilizing experience with scientific injection molding principles, Intriguing Concepts offers a comprehensive array of plastic injection molding services. From high quality prototyping through your production volume runs, Intriguing Concepts commits the same level of support and collaboration to every customer and project.

Capacity & Capabilities:


Intriguing Concepts strategically plans capacity knowing that quick access to a molding machine is critical to our customer’s ability to get into production.  8 molding machines are properly maintained and scheduled.  This, along with the ability to quickly add shifts, gives you assurance that Intriguing Concepts will be able to meet your molding requirements. Intriguing Concepts’ injection molding press capabilities cover a range from 15-ton to 110-ton clamping forces.

Intriguing Concepts’ Plastic Injection Molding Services:

High Quality Prototyping

Low to Mid Volume Production

Insert & Over-molding – Utilizing both horizontal and vertical injection molding presses, we can provide your Insert Molding services - placing metal terminals, threaded inserts, or other non-plastic items into the mold and then injecting plastic around them so that they become permanently fixed in the plastic part

Over molding is the injecting of one thermoplastic resin onto another similar or dissimilar thermoplastic material- this process is often used for providing "soft touch" or multiple colors and textures on molded parts.

High-Temperature Molding & Resin Trials – Your team at Intriguing Concepts has experience molding a wide range of engineered resins. With significant expertise in high temperature molding projects, our tooling engineers and molding technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with highly successful project outcomes. Intriguing Concepts’ has experience with most commercially available high temperature resins such as PEEK (Victrex), PEI (Ultem), PBT (Ultramid), additionally, Acetal (POM), Poly Carb (PC), Nylon (PA), PC/ABS, ABS, Poly Pro, and many other resins.